Odour Removal in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Lizotte Inspection Services ensures that every aspect of the home in which you currently live or the house which you intend to purchase is thoroughly assessed. Our Home inspection experts detect defects in your house and the assessment report will help you to make educated decisions which are in your best interests.

Remove Odours & Allergens from Your Home, Car or Vehicle

Have you ever noticed the smell in the air after a lightning storm? That’s ozone. You can get the same clean, fresh smell in your house or vehicle with ozonation.

A Powerful but Safe Disinfectant

Ozone is 3125 times faster than chlorine and is the second strongest odour remover after fluorine, which is not safe to use in a home. The process of ozonation is safe if done correctly. At Lizotte Inspection Services, we have been trained in the proper ozonation process.

What Should I Expect?

Before we arrive, the cause of the odour must be removed. You will be asked to remove any living things from your home, including people, pets and plants. You may safely leave food in the house, but all windows and doors must be closed or sealed off.

When we arrive, we will check that the area is prepped for us. We will set up our machine (or machines, depending on the size of the space). A timer will be set based on the size of the area, and then we will leave.

You will not be able to enter the house during the ozonation process.

When we come back, we will turn off the machine(s) and open the windows and doors. The area must air out for a certain length of time, again depending on the size, before anybody is allowed back in. When it is safe for us to do so, we will go in and remove the machines. Additional airing-out time is necessary until it is safe for you to return -- usually around an hour after we leave.

Enjoy the fresh air! We can:

  • Clean the air before an open house or party
  • Clean the air in your newly purchased home
  • Rid your home of allergens
  • Make your vehicle smell new before selling so you get a better price
  • Freshen your RV/ camper before vacation or upon returning
  • Get rid of musty smelling basement odours
  • Clean the air from smokers and pets
  • Clean the air after a skunk visit
  • Rid the odour from sports equipment and locker rooms
  • Kill visible mould on walls and floors

Home Inspector in Saskatoon provides Odour Removal across Saskatoon, Allan, Dalmeny, Warman, Vanscoy, Clavet, Martensville, Osler, Lanigan, Watrous, Saskatchewan and the surrounding areas including Bradwell, Hague, Colonsay, and Biggar.

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