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For the sale of any appliances, they must be tested for safety to ensure they do not harm users or damage their property. If a manufacturer has designed a dangerous product, they must recall all of the items produced and fix them for free. Most often, it’s up to you, the consumer, to find out whether your appliances are potential fire or safety hazards. There’s a database online to help you out, but you would have to wade through so many recalled items to determine if your dishwasher or air conditioner is a potential hazard. As a result, many of these dangerous appliances are still present in many homes. At Lizotte Inspection Services, we offer an appliance recall program to provide peace of mind regarding appliances in the home you are buying.

If you avail of the program, we can check the appliances in the house you are interested in for potential recalls. This service is very valuable, and we provide it at no additional cost to the buyer, and it never expires unless you cancel it. Through we will check your appliances monthly to see if they have been recalled. We do all the work. We utilize a searchable database for individual appliances. We locate the brand name, model, and serial numbers and send them to the recall program along with your email address. If there ever is a recall, the recalling company we use will notify you and walk you through the process to get your appliance repaired or replaced, and in most cases, it is absolutely FREE. There is no additional cost to you if you include this package in your home inspection. We pay for this for your benefit. However, if you want just this program without the inspection, there is a small fee that will vary depending on your location.

You can get our appliance recall service by booking an inspection with Lizotte Inspection Services. If you would like to have just this service, then just give us a call at 306‑241‑8238 or email us at, and we can set it up.

Another alternative to our service would be for you to fill out all the warranty cards that come with each of your appliances and send them in yourself. But, this only works if you are buying them new and they have a warranty card. But what about if you are buying a house that already has appliances? They don’t always have a card to fill out. In such a case, it is always preferable to go with the appliance recall program we offer.

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