Frequently Asked Questions About Home And Mold Inspections

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Whether you’re planning to sell a home, purchase a new home or want to ensure the house you live in is running smoothly, a home inspection is a super good idea. However, if it’s your first time seeking a home inspection, you may have doubts and questions about certain aspects. To clear your confusion and arm you with the information you need to make the right decisions, Lizotte Inspection Services has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about both home inspections and mold inspections.

1. Are home inspections and mold inspections the same and done together?
Well, not really. They are two separate inspections. But, during the course of a home inspection, we do take note of mold or evidence of mold and mention the same in our comprehensive report.

2. Can you test for mold during a home inspection?
Certainly! If requested, we can test specifically for mold while we are at the location. It will be charged separately from your home inspection, but there will be a discount as we do not have to make a special trip.

3. Is thermal imaging included in home and mold inspections?
Yes, it is included in both home inspections and mold inspections, ensuring we catch all cold spots and indicators of leaks or insulation damage.

4. Is moisture testing standard and included in the package?
Yes, moisture testing is standard and included in the cost of every home inspection and mold inspection we do. Moisture testing detects areas that are wetter than others through moisture meter technology.

5. Do you do appliance testing?
Yes, we do a basic test of appliances in the home. We run the dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer on the shortest cycle available and check for leaks, damage, etc. We even check the microwave. Turn on all the burners and the oven on the stove and check for heat. We examine the fridge and freezer for coldness and check the outlets for the central vacuum for suction. Inspect the furnace and water heater. Depending on the time of year, we also check the air conditioning unit. We do not examine each cycle, button, and timer, as this would take too long.

6. Do you check appliances for recalls?
Yes. We send the make, model, and serial number to a recall check program, and they check the numbers once a month, letting you know if there is a recall. This is a service that WE pay for and you can opt out at any time.

7. After an inspection, when do I get the report?
Upon completing the home inspection or mold inspection, we take all photographs, notes, and observations and compile them into an easy-to-read report that we will email to you within a few hours. 

8. What type of payment do you accept?
We are flexible and accept cash, cheque, or electronic money transfers. Payment is due before the report is sent.

If you have any more questions about home or mold inspections, get in touch with the experts at Lizotte Inspection Services. As the best home inspection firm in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, we provide inspection services to ensure that every aspect of the home you currently live in or the house you intend to purchase is thoroughly assessed. Our home inspectors detect defects lurking in the nooks and crannies of a house, and our assessment report will help you make educated decisions that are entirely in your best interests.

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