Staying Safe During COVID Days With A Well Conducted Home Inspection

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Most of our clients usually handle home inspections when selling their house or getting into a new one. Most of these are to find the value and condition of the home they are selling or purchasing. However, we do have the occasional client who calls us for a home inspection to make sure the house they are living in is in good condition.

Home inspections are handled by professionals who go through houses, from room to room, making sure everything is in order. They check the plumbing, wiring, check the quality of the wood used to make sure there is no mold or there aren’t any leaks from the roof. The primary purposes of getting this done are to go through and provide a better understanding of the quality of the house, whether it is safe to be habitable and safe.

Depending on the business and industry that companies were working in, most decided to work remotely to stay safe during the pandemic. However, some industries are more hands-on as compared to others, and people from those companies cannot work remotely. Working as a home inspector is one of those jobs. We took all the processes that we could adjust to the internet, online and were even open to working through video call, but some tasks just have to be handled in person.

In such instances, to keep our clients safe during our inspections, we use hand sanitizer multiple times in the day. We wipe down everything we touch as we leave each room, we wear masks during the walkthrough, wipe down the computer keyboard before our clients can touch it, offer them some hand sanitizer upon their arrival, and we keep our distance from our clients.

As we take so many precautions, we have had homeowners, clients and realtors tell us how much they appreciate the steps we take.

Initially, we used to handle a lot of our payments in cash as it was the most convenient way to do business and everyone usually has money in cash. With the pandemic and reducing the number of social interactions that we handle, we introduced accepting e transfers for payments to avoid paper money changing hands, but this only depends on whether the client would prefer wiring us the money. We have the client go through the report on their own while I stand back to answer any questions instead of sitting beside them and going through it together.

Offering these changes gives the client a risk-free home inspection and walkthrough, allowing them to go through a smooth process and feel comfortable calling us back if they want to. Whether we are amidst a pandemic or not, our inspections are always thorough and do not plan on changing that.

If you are looking for a home inspector who is keeping safe during the pandemic, following the health protocols, and doing a thorough job concerning the house they are inspecting, look no further than Lizotte Inspection Services. I run a company that works on the process of a Home inspection in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and have been doing this for years now. With thirty years of experience in construction and having built three houses myself, I have a pretty decent understanding of the work that goes into it and what to look for during an inspection.

Our services include Appliance Recall Checks, Home Inspection, Mold Inspection/Air Quality Testing, Moisture Testing, Thermal Imaging and Ozonation. We offer these services across Saskatoon, Allan, Dalmeny, Warman, Vanscoy, Clavet, Martensville, Osler, Saskatchewan and the surrounding areas including Bradwell, Hague, Colonsay, and Biggar.

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