Busted! Don’t Believe This Myth About Home Inspection!

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There is a ton of misinformation and presumptions made about the field of home inspection and the role of a home inspector. Some believe that a home inspection can be performed by anyone, while others are under the impression that new properties do not need an inspection. While these are false notions, there is one myth that continues to be perceived as the truth. To shed light on it, Lizotte Inspection Services has answered the most widely believed myth about home inspection.

Myth: More people attend the inspection, the better it is. 
Busted: Clients will often bring extended family members to the walkthrough, thinking more heads are better than one. This is untrue because more people just confuse things, and your questions do not always get answered. The inspector has questions coming at him from everyone, and so it takes longer for the walkthrough to finish. 

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