Employee Spotlight: Glenda Lizotte

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Meet Glenda Lizotte, a Report Writer, and Assistant at Lizotte Inspection Services. Glenda has been with Lizotte Inspection Services for the past seven years and still has a bright future ahead.

It’s tough to put into words Glenda’s importance, but the reason I am featuring her on our blog this month is to showcase my appreciation for her efforts. 

As Glenda’s husband and work partner, I want to take this moment to acknowledge all that she does for Lizotte Inspection Services. On the day of a home inspection, Glenda wakes up early and starts working on the report before even reaching the site. While at the site, she inputs all the photos I take and all the notes and comments that I make and merges this information into a cohesive report. Without Glenda, the reports and my job would be a complete mess as it would take me hours to segregate the information and pictures and compile them into one report.

Every day brings on a new set of challenges, and she manages to organize the day, making homeowners feel comfortable with us in their home. Glenda invariably goes the extra mile, takes the initiative, and makes our firm look good.

When I asked her if she likes what she does, she grinned and said: “I have enjoyed working with Gary very much over the years as home inspectors as well as in our other endeavors. Being married for twelve years, we work well together and are partners at work and home.”

As the Report Writer and Assistant at Lizotte Inspection Services, Glenda has genuine care and love for Lizotte Inspection Services, and I absolutely love the integrity with which she works.

Just like Glenda, at Lizotte Inspection Services, I genuinely care for our clients. Together, we take great pride in providing home inspection services to clients across Saskatoon, Allan, Dalmeny, Warman, Vanscoy, Clavet, Martensville, Osler, SK, and the surrounding areas.

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