Common Mistakes People Make During A Home Inspection

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As a homebuyer, you are naturally drawn to a home that appears well-kept and offers several exciting features. While you may find many plus points when viewing a house, the hidden defects revealed during a home inspection may outweigh the pros. 

A home inspection covers almost every component of a house and indicates whether it requires replacement or repair work. Moreover, the detailed information from the home inspection report will allow you to make a more informed decision about the home purchase. 

Unfortunately, homebuyers fail to take several aspects of a home inspection into consideration, and often let costs solely govern their decisions. This can lead to improper inspection and incorrect assessment of the house you are planning on purchasing. To prevent this from happening and escape possible costly mistakes, Lizotte Inspection Services has compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make during a home inspection. 

1. Not getting a newly-built house inspected.
Homebuyers believe that when purchasing a newly built house or one that looks like it’s in great shape, they don’t need a home inspection. The truth is unless you are qualified or skilled in every aspect of building and maintaining a house, you need a home inspection. Keep in mind that an appealing exterior does not necessarily indicate that the house is in excellent shape. 

2. Getting the house inspected by a friend or family member. 
People often ask their friends or family members to inspect the condition of their house. However, unless they have complete knowledge of every aspect of a house, they are not qualified to perform an inspection. Performing an inspection without past experience or training could lead to costly mistakes.

3. Hiring the cheapest inspection company. 
Inspection companies that offer low-priced services typically perform a surface inspection of the house. It is essential to pick a professional based on the services they offer, rather than the cost. Ask a home inspector about their services and fees, and if they charge higher than usual, find out the reason. 

At Lizotte Inspection services, we charge a bit more because we perform thermal imaging and moisture testing, check the furnace for carbon monoxide and check the appliances for recalls. We also take extra time to inspect every window and outlet.

4. Bringing many people for the home inspection. 
People often come to the home inspection walkthrough with their entire household. This causes confusion and usually ends up going off-topic. It is advisable to come to a home inspection with only your spouse. This helps keep things in focus and ensures all your doubts and concerns are cleared. Calling a babysitter to watch your kids for the day is also a good idea.

5. Expecting the inspection to last a few hours.
Expecting the inspection to be completed in two hours is a common misconception. Some inspectors may inspect a house in two hours, but how thorough are they? Can they really inspect every window and door, try every outlet and light switch, check all the appliances and plumbing fixtures for leaks? These things may take a short amount of time, but when you do all of them together, it adds up to more than two hours. 

6. Expecting the inspection report to be sent soon. 
A home inspection report typically takes three to four days while some businesses send it within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. At Lizotte Inspection services, we send the report in the same evening. Unless it is a multiple unit building and we tell you in advance, we will not go to bed until that report is in your inbox.

To get a certified home inspection company in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and avoid these and other costly errors, reach out to the experts at Lizotte Inspection Services. We have been helping our clients invest in the right real estate property by providing them with professional inspection services. Our services include appliance recall checks, thermal imaging, mold inspection, moisture testing, and ozonation.

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