A Beginner’s Guide To Getting A Home Inspection

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If you’re looking to buy a home or sell yours, you’ll want to get an inspection done to know if the house has any deficiencies or issues before you move in or sell it. However, most people do not interact with home inspectors or get an inspection done regularly, so the whole process may seem foreign and stressful.

To help alleviate the tension you may be experiencing while seeking inspection services, Lizotte Inspection Services has put together a Beginner’s Guide to getting a home inspection. This guide is designed to teach home buyers and home sellers the basics of getting an inspection done properly.


Getting Started

Make time: To get in touch with us, all you need is a little time, a phone, and our number, which is (306) 241-8238. You will also want to be available to come for the walk-through when we are done with your home inspection.


Next Steps

Set the inspection date: After you are satisfied with the estimate we provide, call us and set up a date for the inspection to be done. Or, you can talk to your realtor, and they will set it up with the seller’s realtor. However, if it is a private sale, then you will need to set it up with the seller yourself. Then go about your day until we call you and tell you that we are ready for you and your realtor to come round for the walk-through. This is the moment when we show you the inspection report and answer any of your questions. It is that simple!

Tell your friends: After the inspection, you can then tell your friends how happy you were with the job we did and recommend us to them.


Advice From The Pros

No need to be there for the whole inspection: We will show you everything at the walk-through once the inspection is done. We will take you through our report as well, answer all your questions, and show you anything you want to see.

It is a limited inspection: People may not realize that this is a limited inspection, an overall view of the property on that day. We cannot make holes in the walls to see what is behind it. Neither can we take things apart. Also, we cannot tell you how much things will cost to fix and if the asking price is fair.

Do not bring many people to the walk-through: You and your spouse, or you and one friend or family member is enough. Too many people asking questions can cause unnecessary confusion, and you may end up not getting the important things covered. Also, listen to your realtor, they are trained to walk you through all the steps of purchasing and selling a home.


At Lizotte Inspection Services, our goal is to exceed your expectations. As the go-to experts for a home inspection in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, we promise to give you peace of mind through quality and timely inspection services.

When you hire us, you will get an unbiased inspection because we work for you, not for the person who is buying your home, not for the person who is selling the house you are interested in, not for the realtor or the bank. We work for you, and we have your best interests in mind!

Moreover, we have over seven years of experience in delivering excellent inspections, and we match InterNACHI home inspection standards. We are also confident in our skills as we have around fifty home inspections certifications, and have clocked-in over four-hundred training hours.

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