Common Mistakes People Make Before Buying A Home

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Buying a home is an exciting time, but if you let the moment take over, you could commit a couple of mistakes that you may end up regretting. Often, people don’t realize that many mistakes can be made before buying a home and one of the biggest is failing to have a home inspection carried out.

By hiring an inspector, you will learn all about the home you are buying, and the problems that it currently has or that are likely to occur soon. You will also learn how best to care for the home to minimize issues in the future.

A home inspection may not catch all hidden damage, but it remains an essential tool for both buyers and sellers. As experienced home inspectors, at Lizotte Inspection Services we want to help you make the most of a home inspection. To do so, we have compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make before buying a home.

1. Not getting a home inspection done.

One of the most fundamental mistakes people make is thinking that they don’t need a home inspection. They are often misguided into believing that a seller will reveal all issues the house has or that by merely looking at a house, they will be able to judge its condition. In reality, everyone needs a trained home inspector who can look at all aspects of a house, whether the structure, roofing, flooring, basement, ventilation, or ceilings. A professional will inspect the home and inform you if it is a prudent investment and how much you may need to invest in fixing any existing issues.

2. Asking a friend, who knows about one trade, to inspect the house.

Often people have a family member or a friend, who is trained in one trade like plumbing or painting, check a house and tell them whether they should buy it or not. They don’t realize that this person may only tell them about one aspect of the house as their knowledge about other aspects may be inadequate. Hiring a friend or family won’t give you an accurate inspection summary, and could lead to a mistake you live to regret.

3. Hiring an inspector based on price.

Often, people hire a home inspector solely based on price thereby ignoring all the other factors. Ask your inspector if he or she does thermal imaging and moisture testing and if it is included in the price. Ask if they look in the attic and go into a crawlspace, or if they check all the windows, doors, lights and plugs or just a few. Find out how long the inspection takes because a proper inspection cannot be done in an hour. Only if you’re satisfied with the responses, you should consider asking about the price and make a call on enlisting their services.

4. Not asking questions during the walk through.

When a home inspector is giving you a walk through of a property and is showing you the report, it is essential to ask him or her any questions that come to your mind. It is vital to understand the report before leaving the walk through, as the inspector can actually show you what he or she is talking about instead of relying on photos.

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