What Makes Lizotte Inspection Services Stand Out

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About Lizotte Inspection Services

Lizotte Inspection Service is the premier home inspection company in Saskatchewan providing comprehensive services to our clients across the province. We examine the entire house, all the way from the roof to the basement, and everything in between. We also inspect homes before putting them on the market, so there are no surprises for their new buyers. We provide mold inspections and air quality testing when needed.

We work seven days a week and run our office from home, but travel around Saskatchewan for inspections. We recently upgraded our systems and embraced technology, making quicker processes, allowing us to spend less time in the house, and longer handling thorough inspections, with quicker reports. An advantage of working with us is receiving an electronic report on the same day as the inspection.

We have been inspecting homes for seven years now. I previously worked in construction for three decades so have some experience with homes and inspections. Although we travel almost anywhere in Saskatchewan, we charge for the mileage outside our two-hour radius.

The Lizotte Inspection Services Difference

Our clients vary as some are first time home buyers that need to be walked through the process, step by step and are nervous about various things. The others are buying homes for investment purposes and know what they want right from the get-go. We have people selling their houses, looking to get things done to receive the best price. We also have people with health concerns who need air quality testing done. With all the varied dynamics, we do not have a fixed client base.

Our thoroughness makes me proud, I inspect each house as if I am purchasing it for myself, which is one aspect that makes us second to none.

My strength is my knowledge of how a house is built or should be built, which I gained through my previous job in construction, Moreover, as I am thorough, the time I take to look at everything and explain things at the end of the day is significantly low. However, my job is not completed until the client has a full understanding of the house they are purchasing. We also handle thermal imaging, moisture testing, and appliance checks included in the price, which many home inspectors might charge extra for.

Deciding to open up our own shop has been a great experience and putting my expertise to good use for others feels fantastic and is my biggest achievement.

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